Jason Moss
Design. Develop. Deliver.


No one will remember what you have, they will remember what you have done.

Jason Moss was born & raised (and schooled) in Philadelphia. His key focus is to work with brands who want to increase their business + identity by delivering the right message at the right time to the right people.

With over 27 years of successful experience as a designer, he’s not to be considered just a hired gun but a partner every step of the process from the eureka moment all the way through getting your product/service into the customer’s hands. From working with other creatives to printers and all the way through the production & manufacturing stage.

When not striving to be "father of the year" on a daily basis, he’s always looking for something to create, build or make better by the way of design. He also has an extreme enthusiasm for a thing called photography.

Some people think outside the box.  Jason wants to redesign that box.

I don’t sell services, I provide value
— Jason M


Creative Direction

Brand Strategy + Identity

Graphic Design

Packaging Design

Consumer PKG Goods (CPG)

Retail Displays (P-O-P)

3D Rendering